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7 years with you!

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Today we’ve celebrated 7 years of hapiness with the most amazing little girl.

We love your kindness with your friends, your patience with your brother, your talent and graciousness on the piano and at ballet, your smile and your enthusiasm, your little notes and presents that you give us so often, your intelligence and your hard work, your love of books and of music, your curiosity and joie de vivre, your beauty, your native country and language, your first family and all that makes you you!

In fact, all of you is a treasure that we cherish every single day.

We love you my love!

1 year ago…

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we met you in Xinjiang and our lives have changed like we could have never imagined.

We hope yours has changed for the best and we want to tell you we’re trying everything we can to make it work.

We love your smiles and your laughs which are many and often, we love that you are so affectionate, we love that you are full of life and energy, we love when you count to five and say nine instead and when you say toggoban instead of toboggan, we love when each time you see a plane you still cry feiji over and over, we even love your stubbornness and the « toad face » you make when you are upset!

We think about your Chinese parents, your foster family and your country everyday. We are so grateful that you are in our family. We love you Mr E.


Joyeux Anniversaire Ms M!

My baby girl is turning 7 today and she is still and forever the apple of my eyes!

Nous avons comme toujours une pensée spéciale pour ses premiers parents qui ne peuvent célébrer ce jour avec elle. Vous êtes toujours dans nos coeurs.

6 years with you!

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Yes it’s been 6 years we kissed this sweet face for the very first time. 6 years we felt in love. 6 years you changed our lives.

Thanks Ms M to be our daughter. You have the most amazing smiles and contagious laughs. You are so affectionate and sensitive. You are full of life and spirit. And now a great big sister!

Thanks to China to trust us and place you in our hands.

Thanks also to your first parents who gave so much but have nothing in return. They are in our thoughts. Always.

For last year’s post and links to the previous years.

6 years we’ve seen you…

and our lives have never been the same!

We love you Ms M


Quick News

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  • Someone lost 2 teeth and the fairy (or mouse in the French tradition) had to be generous. The adult teeth are both in the back, not sure if we will need a visit to an orthodontist one day. 2 of 4 molars are almost completely out…my baby is definitely becoming a big girl 🙁

  • I am starting to get used to being a stay at home Mom again but it’s tough. Not that I miss work, just that I need to organize my days differently. And I also have to get use to parent a boy. Not that easy!
  • We have been having a great weather for the garden (rain and sunshine) so we are already enjoying our tasty strawberries! We should also have lettuces (soon thanks to Nina!) and cherry tomatoes, eggplants and red peppers.

  • Ms M is an amazing big sister but she starts to realize it’s not always easy and she needs a lot of patience. She sometimes goes to her room and posts some notes on the door for her brother not to come in. The cat wishes he could do the same…
  • Little Mr E needs to learn patience as well. He also needs to learn to follow some essential rules in his new home (like not trying to hit) and it’s a difficult process sometimes…but getting better days after days! He is adjusting and we are too. He is learning French very quickly and repeats a lots of words. He goes to Baba and Mama and he cries less and less when I leave the house. He sleeps well and still eats very well even if we can now see his taste is changing. I cannot believe he has been with us for only 4 weeks!
  • We are starting to see friends again and Friday Mr E was introduced to his JieJie’s class. He loved the attention 🙂 Next weekend will be another introduction to the the community since we have our parish’s annual picnic. But most of the time we just enjoy being together and we have a lot of fun!


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We are now in Beijing with the rest of the group. 22 families! We arrived on Friday evening and settled into our room. Saturday we did some paperworks for immigration and we went to the Zoo. I think the animals think the zoo was in front of them… just crazy how the people can be.

Today was the Jade factory, the Great Wall, the Cloisonnés factory…a Sunday…I have to say I kind of miss our 2 previous weeks because even thought we could feel China is very populated I think this week here will overwhelm us. 5 years ago we came in November and it didn’t seemed to be that crowded.

We had a wonderful week in Xinjiang despite the very controlled environment. It is a beautiful province, full of mountains and desert areas. The people are beautiful too and the pilaf rice, lamb kebab and flat bread helped us too quickly catch the weight we lost last week 🙂 I hope we’ll be able to see more when we go back, one day…

Our little pirate is adopting us slowly, and we are all adjusting to a life as a family of 4. Little Mr E is very strong willing and testing us of course, but most of the time he is a very happy little boy full of energy and eager to learn. He gives us kisses already and can go to both Mama and Baba. We love him already to pieces and cannot wait to be home with him.

Sorry it is so short, we are pretty tired and at night our brains go blind…More when we are back home for sure.

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Someone forgot to turn off Internet today in Urumqi 🙂 We’re all well and will post more soon.

Quelqu’un a oublié de couper Internet ce matin à Urumqi 🙂 Nous allons tous très bien, et vous écrirons plus bientôt.


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Our wonderful trip in Hunan comes to an end, and we are taking off to Xinjiang today to meet with Didi tomorrow. We might be off line during the next 5 days, and if it’s the case we will post again from Beijing.

Traditional Chinese breakfast / petit déjeuner traditionnel Chinois

Wonderful people… / Des gens merveilleux