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A good one

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This one is not easily translatable in English, but I’ll try. All you need to know is that we had a good laugh when we took the picture bellow, because:

  1. this joke: « do you know what’s the difference between hemorrhoids and a BMW? There is no differences, because only a*s h**es have them »
  2. the translation of « fion »: it’s a French slang word for the « a$$ h**e » word 🙂

From the field…

Holly #%^*€£*!!!!! we’re in AUGUST!!!
We just saw some Christmas trees @ Costco!

Avis aux lapins! – Notice to rabbits!


Lost in translation

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Another good one on a Disney lunch box, probably brought to you by google translator…

FYI, in the French translation, « safe » is translated as « a safe » instead of « to be safe » 😉

Perle de traduction

Ha ha ;-)

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Oops, in fact they were right for the « Nuts Alert »!


Week-end collection

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We can’t prevent from sharing some of what we saw this week-end…

A male car:

A Chinese moon cake box, so far everything is all right…

Now, we couldn’t beleive the French translation on the bottom. FYI, « nuts » in English has two meanings, and they picked the wrong one in French, so it says « Nuts alert » or « Lotus nuts » as in « nuts and bolts ». Do we need any more evidence that the automated translators don’t work well yet? 🙂

(Click on the pictures to see them bigger)


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Tonight, dinner time, we speak about a subject discussed at school (and in fact often at home):

M: « if you act badly, there will be consequences ».

A: « so for instance if you hurt someone, there are consequences ».

M: « yes. And if you fart… »

J: « there are consequences? »

M: « no, there is the bathroom! »

A long day

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Caption: « here is what happens at 6:30pm when you wake up early and don’t take a nap »

Quote this…

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Let us know what this picture tells you in the comments 🙂

easter bunnies

Best of translations

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Here is another « best of translation » found on Ms M’s pajamas, which should in fact not even be used as a pajama!

Etiquette pyjama