A long day

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Yesterday, we visited a typical town where some minority people are living. We walked in a 1000 years old pedestrian street full of locally made crafts of all kind for sale. The way back to the hotel was long: instead of taking the same highway, we were told to use a shortcut across the mountain, and reduce our trip by 1 or 1:30 hours. In fact, we got lost, and went through 3 hours of mountain drive before going back on the highway, and were quite sick… We were not in a good shape last night, but this didn’t prevent us from tasting some more incredible hospitality from our guests!

  1. sorry for that extra long ride back. i remember our 4 hour roundtrip to E’s city- it was really awful on my already upset stomach and the fatigue of those first 2 days together. i really look forward to a family trip to china, where i can soak in the culture and not be consumed with terror :O)

    the pictures are just stunning. i feel like i’m almost there with you. how is your daughter liking the trip?

  2. Hi J!

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Can you believe it? We have had a fabulous time in Hong Kong. It looks like your trip has gone well so far, apart from yesterday’s excursion. What time are you in Urumqi? Do you know will the guide be there to meet us at the airport?

    Hugs, and see you soon!
    Kaisu (and family)

  3. Bravo pour ce passage hors des sentiers battus et des pièges à touristes, malgré les risques du mal de la route…

    Les photos sont représentatives de la Chine profonde qu’on imagine.

    Bonne continuation.

    Bisous bisous

  4. So happy for you, enjoying all of the images coming through!

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