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We are now in Beijing with the rest of the group. 22 families! We arrived on Friday evening and settled into our room. Saturday we did some paperworks for immigration and we went to the Zoo. I think the animals think the zoo was in front of them… just crazy how the people can be.

Today was the Jade factory, the Great Wall, the Cloisonnés factory…a Sunday…I have to say I kind of miss our 2 previous weeks because even thought we could feel China is very populated I think this week here will overwhelm us. 5 years ago we came in November and it didn’t seemed to be that crowded.

We had a wonderful week in Xinjiang despite the very controlled environment. It is a beautiful province, full of mountains and desert areas. The people are beautiful too and the pilaf rice, lamb kebab and flat bread helped us too quickly catch the weight we lost last week 🙂 I hope we’ll be able to see more when we go back, one day…

Our little pirate is adopting us slowly, and we are all adjusting to a life as a family of 4. Little Mr E is very strong willing and testing us of course, but most of the time he is a very happy little boy full of energy and eager to learn. He gives us kisses already and can go to both Mama and Baba. We love him already to pieces and cannot wait to be home with him.

Sorry it is so short, we are pretty tired and at night our brains go blind…More when we are back home for sure.

(click on each picture to see them big)

  1. Encore, encore!!!
    Rien qu’au regard ME a effectivement l’air d’avoir du caractère.

    Bises sévriennes.

  2. It has been a while since dropping by… sorry… oh I am so happy for you all… what a gorgeous family… like you have all been together forever… love those photos too…

  3. What a beautiful world you have.

  4. I love it!! We love seeing your pictures and are over the moon for you. Congrats on your family of 4!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Congrats. Love the pictures.

  6. Love love love the pictures. So very beautiful.

  7. You have a beautiful family. 🙂

  8. oh what a beautiful family you 4 make! it is surreal to see photos of all the places i visited a short 8 months ago… and for us, it was so warm and sunny and here you all are bundled up!

    thanks for sharing the photos.

  9. So happy to see you all together! Beautiful family.

  10. Tata Aurélie

    On dirait que vous avez toujours été tous les 4! C’est super chouette! Bisous bisous et bon retour.

  11. Profitez de ce superbe bonheur à 4 !!

    Merci de nousfaire parvenir de si belels photos !!
    Vous êtes magnifiques et votre bonhomme a l’air génial !!

    Encore félicitations,


  12. I love seeing both the kids together and he seems to be enjoying all of the attention. Enjoy yourself and pace yourselves.

  13. Félicitations! Quelles belles photos!

    Tellement beau de voir toute la joie…Il va falloir que tu nous présente le petit nouveau à ton retour…

    Profitez-en au max!

  14. Hi guys,
    I have been checking your blog regularly but haven’t written yet. Jeremy wrote to you but I (Nina) wanted to add my comments, which are actually a combination of most of the above comments… He is so beautiful, handsome, and sweet!! You already look like a fabulous family of 4 that have been together for a few years. I hope that it feels something like that too. I am so very happy for you. We can’t wait to meet him. Take care, Nina
    P.S. Give Ms M a kiss from me and say hello.

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