6 years with you!

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Yes it’s been 6 years we kissed this sweet face for the very first time. 6 years we felt in love. 6 years you changed our lives.

Thanks Ms M to be our daughter. You have the most amazing smiles and contagious laughs. You are so affectionate and sensitive. You are full of life and spirit. And now a great big sister!

Thanks to China to trust us and place you in our hands.

Thanks also to your first parents who gave so much but have nothing in return. They are in our thoughts. Always.

For last year’s post and links to the previous years.

  1. Happy Family Day!!

  2. Chers amis,
    Quel balisage vous faites! Cette année est riche d’anniversaires marquants. Comme tous les ans, mais que de souvenirs qui jaillissent! 6 ans déjà! Et pourtant, cela paraît si vite passé!
    Vous avez froid, nous avons très chaud, mais nous pensons à vous très fort!

  3. happy anniversary!

  4. Et en plus bientôt son anniversaire!!!!

    Bises sévriennes


  5. Happy M Day!!

    Aussi, mon calendrier indique que c’est le Mois de M!!!

    Keep smilin!

  6. oh just look at her. i love seeing these pictures from long ago, before i knew you guys. congrats on 6 years. you all are truly blessed.

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