And now it’s winter!

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Fall went by so fast! We had a lot of lovely visits (Alex’s parents, our friends Sharon&Dan from Toronto, my cousin Laeti, our friends the 3Ds). Now it’s white outside, we are listening to Christmas songs, the tree and the house are decorated, the chocolates from the Advent calendars eaten, the presents purchased… We are impatiently waiting for my parents and little sister Didi’s visit. We will celebrate Christmas together and on December 26th Mr E will be baptized.

More than 6 months already that we came back from China and our little man is with us. He speaks French very well, starts to repeat cartoons in English and, sadly, refuses to answer in Chinese if someone speaks to him in mandarin. He likes to watch « Bolt » and « How to Train Your Dragon » with his Jie-Jie, to play with his dinosaurs and little cars. Like Ms M at the same age, he likes a lot to dress up and do puzzles and he appreciates more and more books. He still has a strong character and has sometimes nice tantrums but he is very affectionate and has an amazing « joie de vivre ».

Our Miss M is turning 7 in a few days and brought back an excellent report card. Miss Chantal is very happy with her, she just has some issues concentrating if Ms M is in front of her because she moves and wiggles so much during class. Outside school Ms M keeps learning Chinese, the piano, ballet and swimming. I always worry it is too much but we don’t impose it, she really likes it. It is for fun, we don’t go to competitions or exams and if she wants to stop she can (but not for swimming, because it can save your life!).

We got a nasty virus this week that brought lots of fever and nausea. We’re hoping it is going away for good, so we can properly enjoy our family and friends during the Holidays.

We wish you all dear friends and readers a very happy Christmas and a wonderful year 2011!

Voeux 2011

  1. Happy Holidays to you 4 guys ! We really need to take the time to come down and see you and meet Mr E. Enjoy your time together for Christmas.


  2. Happy holidays! I am sure this will be an extra special Christmas as a family of four.

  3. Loved seeing photos of E at Christmas. Congratulations on E’s upcoming baptism. What a wonderful time to be baptized in the Lord! Merry Christmas.

    Carey (One of E’s New Day Sponsors)

  4. Très bel anniversaire Miss M.
    Plein de baisers et surtout plein de beaux cadeaux.
    Nous t’embrassons très fort.

    Dreyfus sur Seine

  5. Joyeux anniversaire Ms M, passe une belle journée! Gros bisous de la part de nous 4.

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