10 years old already!

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Rockport_2013-2My sweety, today you are 10 years old and I can’t believe it!

It seems so much already but it is so little time for us the lucky ones who spend this time with you.

I’d like for this precious time to slow down because I know the next 10 years will fly by and soon you too will want to…

I am the luckyest Mom to have you as daughter. You are witty and happy, smart and gracious, sensitive and hard working.

I love you! Happy Birthday my love!

happy girl

  1. Joyeux anniversaire a Ms M !

  2. Voilà un très beau compliment de maman!
    Joyeux anniversaire Maëlle!
    Walter, Aurélie, Mattéo et Lolo

  3. Bon anniversaire Miss M.!

  4. Bon anniversaire et gros bisous de Elvire et Jacques

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