We arrived in China

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After 2 planes (total of 14.5 hours in the air and 3.5 hours connection) and a 1.5 hours bus ride, we arrived at New Day, the place where Mr. E spent 1.5 years before we adopted him. We settled in our room and after a good night, got a full day of orientation and discovering the place today. The jet lag is not too hard on us, and we’re happy, ready to spend the next month here with these incredibly beautiful and inspiring people.

Notre chambre pour 1 mois / our room for the next month

Jet lagged… Le décalage horaire…

New Day

  1. Janine et Jacques CAZELLE

    Bravo mais ou est Maëlle ?

  2. Glad to see that you arrived sound and safe! Enjoy your stay at New Day, the location looks nice.

  3. Quoi?!? Je ne vois pas de distributeur d’eau fraîche sur la porte du frigo??? XD

    Sans rire, c’est super bien arrangé. Heureuse de vous savoir bien arrivé. Maintenant au boulot ! Et on a hâte de lire vos histoires et voir vos belles photos

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