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It’s been more than a week now that we arrived in Beijing, and we’re settling down. The jet lag is now over, and we have found our way around for most of the little necessities of life, such as groceries, laundry, restaurants, getting around and of course what is expected of us here at New Day. Our kids are enjoying a VBS camp that will last 2 weeks, with lots of other kids, activities and fun. Juliette spends a lot of time in the Foster Home, helping the nannies with the kids activities as much as she can. Alex is taking tons of pictures of the kids (if you check New Day’s web site or Facebook, you may see some pictures of the beautiful children taken by him), and is also helping with a project to create videos to teach sign language to nannies and volunteers. We also attend a Chinese class daily, and all this fills our days pretty quickly. The week-end is dedicated to relaxing or visiting around or like today meeting with Yulin (our amazing adoption agency director) and her family in her favourite restaurant.

If we are very impressed by the very good organization of the volunteers staff and the great management of the New Day Foster Home, the most important thing in all this is the amount of love poured in this amazing place for the kids who needs it so much. This feeling is so important for us, as we realize now how much love E. was given when he stayed here for 1.5 years. Giving back a little bit makes even more sense to us now that we can see in action how much attention, care and tenderness can help these children bloom and become what they are meant to be.

  1. Janine et Jacques CAZELLE

    Super contents que vous soyez heureux ! Que notre Mr E grandisse après ce séjour .
    On vous embrasse .j&j

  2. Your day sounds wonderfully full. Are you making connections with the other short/long term vollunteers? That is wonderful that you connected with Yulin <3

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