Happy 8th birthday, Mr E.

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One year ago Mister E who never speaks about China, asked me if we could celebrate his next birthday there the next time. It was a very good timing because I had very similar plans. Today, that very special day has finally happened and it could not have been better or could not have brought more feelings of gratitude and bliss.

This morning, we celebrated just the 4 of us to give E his presents.

Then in the afternoon, we had the privilege and luck to go meet with Mister E’s foster family. This man and this woman, who now have a grandson, have taken care of 12 children in the past 8-10 years, including E. They are currently taking care of 2 New Day children and keep giving their time and their love. They were very impressed to see how tall E has grew and did confirm a bunch of things about him, including how he has always been a good sleeper and that he was already pretty stubborn at 2 years old! They were very happy to look at his pictures and were also kind to give him presents.

At 5pm we invited the staff and the volunteers to come share a birthday cake with us. Mister E received more presents from the staff, including from the gardener and his wife, who adored him when he was at New Day, and who are extremely happy he has been able to come back to visit. Again, as often seen since we arrived here, but in a more visible way in small and big gestures, we could see how much our son was protected, cared and beloved while he was staying here. It make us feel so much joy and gratitude. And to be able to share this day with all the generous people who loved him early in his life, it gives a feeling of something that is complete, like a full circle…until the next one… 

  1. Caroline Houfflain

    Un témoignage très touchant, joyeux anniversaire Mr. E !

  2. Joyeux anniversaire R1! ?

  3. Bonne anniversaire encore de nous tous ?
    Que de beaux souvenirs qui te/vous resterons gravés le reste de vos vies.

  4. Janine et Jacques CAZELLE

    Des bises à partager à notre Erwan

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