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This week-end, we went on a « Wild Great Wall » hike on Saturday, and visiting the Lama Temple and area in Beijing on Sunday.
It took us 2 buses, and a boring 5 hours in traffic to get to the starting point of the hike, but it was well worth it. We first had a good lunch, and then climbed to the wall, and walked a 10km loop up and down. At some point we were in the clouds, adding a touch to the wild ambiance, and we only crossed the path of one other group in almost 4 hours of walking. The kids waked all the way, in front of everyone most of the time! The ride back was much faster, and everyone was really tired.
It was therefore much easier on Sunday, when we experienced a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant after strolling in a Hutong, and then visited the Lama Temple.
Here are some pictures and video of the week-end:

  1. Janine et Jacques CAZELLE

    Comment enregistrer les photos du blog ??merci .

  2. Que c’est beau!
    Du bonbon pour les yeux.

  3. voilà la muraille comme on ne l’ a jamais vue ! sortie du brouillard elle semble encore plus mystèrieuse ; seuls les personnages nous ramènent à la belle réalité .BISES .

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