Even if you’re not Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey.

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Without being billionaire and patron, each one can act to improve the world where we live. On the level of ecology, so that our children can live in something else than a garbage, and then on the level of the assistance and co-operation. It can be done locally by giving time, money for the Salvation Army, the Food Bank, or internationally.
I am sure you already have causes for which you feel concerned, but I still want to tell you a little about 2 that touch me particularly:

– The first, I already spoke about it last year: this is the association of Sylvain Fillon in Quebec, All the children of the other world, which I went to Peru with. Sylvain prepares a new trip, in Ecuador and in Peru. There is not one day which passes without me thinking of the smiles and eyes of those Niños de la calle and without me wondering how they are coping. More http://www.team-monde.org/

– The second, that I know less since I’ve just discovered it (thanks to the RQ site – Rumor Queen, a blog written by a mom who adopted 2 girls in China allowing adoptive parents to follow the last rumours and chat), is A child’s Right. This association finances projects for installation of water purifiers in orphanages, schools and shelters in many countries.
More http://www.a-childs-right.org/
I was particularly moved while looking at their slideshow about the work done in China this year because it gave me a chance to discover the inside of Chinese orphanages. Even if Ms M was living in a foster home, she spent a few days per month at the orphanage and perhaps her little sister will live there several months before joining us one day.

Anyway, if you have money and time and you don’t know what to do with it (I know it’s rare!) or even if you have little of each but still want to make a difference, why not considering these 2 organizations? Kenavo,

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