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As I was reading Philippe’s post on his Wii, and I was getting bored waiting for the new iMac to be released, I made an impulse purchase of a Nintendo’s Wii.



This is my first « TV pluggable » game ever, so I guess it’s never too late to srat!

I’m not going to provide a review of the Wii, as there’s enough of this on the net already, but instead I’ll tell you what I like or dislike with it.

  • I like the wireless « Wiimote » (the Wii remote control and joystick) concept. It detects any motion (left / right, forward /backward, various rotations) you apply to it, which allows a much more natural playing experience than usual joysticks: instead of sitting still and moving a few fingers while starring at a screen, we push the table in the family room and we move in front of the TV area, giving us a much better experience with moves close to reality when playing at games such as tennis, bowling or golf. This concept also attracts more people: Ms M already understood the game withoug much explanations, and Juliette who never plays video games enjoys a few games too.

Therefore, with the revolutionary Wiimotes and the fact that the Wii costs half the price of other currently competitive video games (Playstation and Xbox), this is an ideal choice for the entire family.

  • Another benefit of the Wii is the internet access from the TV via the wireless network.
  • I also like the dairy which tracks the time spent on each game (no cheating in saying that you only spent a few minutes playing 😉 )
  • The only drawback I found was that the web browser is not free ($5), and of course you quickly want to buy it as well as an additional Wiimote for not playing alone, and of course new games… but with the original price of the Wii, I think I should have guessed that 😉
  1. Cool! Il va falloir qu’on s’echange nos numeros de Wii histoire de s’echanger nos Miis et jouer sur Internet (quand des jeux online seront disponibles). Metroid sort au mois d’aout je crois, un bon shooter en perspective!

  2. Maëlle, Juju & Alex au K’nada »Un nouvel ordinateur. - pingback on 14 septembre , 2007 at 7:06

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