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I don’t buy a new computer everyday…

I’ve been happily using my previous computer during the past 5 years, which is quite long for me. I purchased a high end computer, willing to keep it and upgrade it for a while, and I think it worked out very well that way. It’s now going to replace it’s own aging predecessor (almost 10 years old!) on Ms M’s little desk. Bye bye G4, aka the wind tunnel or the cheese grater 😉


The new computer is the most recent iMac (released and ordered on August 7th, and received on August 14th). I’ve been using Macintoshes for the the past 14 years now, and I have no reason to change today!

The iMac is a very compact computer, fully integrated, with no room for internal upgrade as my previous tower model G4 did. The only available upgrade is to add more memory.

iMac Alu 24 pouces

As usually, I’m not going to write a review for this computer, but rather tell you what I like and dislike after a month of use.

My configuration details:

  • iMac with a 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme Intel processor, a 750 Gb internal hard drive, and 4Gb of memory (max).
  • Included is a 24 inches LCD monitor, the iSight webcam is built in.
  • Second 21 inches LCD monitor: the combined size of my desktop is therefore 3520 pixels large by 1200 pixels high.
  • I was able to plug through hubs all my existing USB devices, such as the scanner, flight simulator yoke and pedals, etc…
  • On the Firewire 400 port, I plugged through a hub 3 external hard drives and a DVD burner, most of them where inside the G4 previously.
  • On the Firewire 800 port, I plugged a new external hard drive enclosure in which I’ve installed two 200 Gb hard drive that were in the G4, and that I can now see as one big 400 Gb drive on the desktop. It’s big and fast, suitable for video editing.
  • And, of course, I have my network connection through the router (cable and wireless), the NAS (Network Access Storage) hard drive and the networked printer.

What I like:

  • The new Apple keyboard
  • The silence of this new iMac
  • The overall speed (on average, I find it 4 times faster / powerful than my previous computer)
  • The huge screen
  • The ease of moving the computer: for instance, I can move it to the bedroom in a few minutes, and we can use it to watch a movie there 😉
  • The beauty of the design
  • The use of « Fusion« , a virtualization software: I can start Windows XP inside a Mac window, and then use it as if I was running a PC. It’s like having two computers in one, and all that for an additional $40 🙂

Some dislikes:

  • The « Mighty mouse« : it’s a very nice mouse, but it quickly started to act strangely (some buttons would click on their own, apparently due to some static or ground issues…) so I changed it for a wireless Logitech mouse instead.
  • Some softwares are not yet optimized to run natively on the Intel processor: they work through an emulation layer of the older processor, which slows them down.
  • The noise of my external drives fans: I never heard them with my « wind tunnel », but now I can hear them 😉
  • The video card, which is fine, but not at the computer’s expectation level. This is a well known criticism for this machine: Apple probably had to make a choice based on the size of the computer (it’s so compact that most of the internal components are actually laptop components) and to keep the power consumption low (therefore less heat and less noise with the fans to cool down the computer), which affects the video card’s power. However, as I’m not a hard core gamer, the current video card will be good enough for me.

In summary, I’m very happy with my purchase, which will serve me well during the incoming years and help me build this blog for you!

  1. Yeah…new toys are the best!

    Keep smilin!

  2. I love QUIET computers too! And we use a Logitech wireless mouse too. The other ones are such a pain!

    About the other stuff….I am SO not technical, but I’m really glad you like your new computer!!!! 🙂

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