Small troubles with the site.

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The current link to our blog is « » instead of « » as the later one is not accessible. I’m working with our hosting company to solve this issue, but in the meantime some link to pictures in older posts may be broken. Ideally, you should link to our site with « » as I redirect it to the proper blog site.

Thanks for your patience. -Alex

Next day’s update: everything is back on track…

From tech support: « One of the configuration files got corrupted. We’ve fixed the problem. »

  1. Hello la p’tite famille !
    Bien sûr, nous ne manquerons pas de vous prévenir si nous refaisons un tour au Canada (voir ma cousine).
    N’hésitez pas à me laisser un petit mot si vous passez par Paris, ok ?
    A bientôt !

  2. Glad you’re back on track. I would try to write that in French, but my French is awfully rusty!!!!

  3. yes, glad you’re back on track… and I could’t write that in French if my life depended on it!

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