Adoption Articles.

These days in the Adoption online community there are a lot of questions and hot topics going around. Like adoption by celebrities and the impact, or stupid fake commercial mocking adoption or why should we allow adoptive parents to choose the gender of the kid etc…
I love to read these posts and the comments of everybody because when you have a controversial subject you usually have some interesting debate and exchanges. And it helps me getting ready for questions my daughter will have for me or questions from others.

I usually don’t go on large distribution magazines websites to find tips and answers to tough issues and I’d rather look for a good book or a good online resource, but I discovered yesterday some good « general » articles and wanted to share them with you, especially if you don’t know anything about adoption. It can help you understand what we are going through as adoptive parents and none the less what our children are or will be going through


  1. Oh……I don’t have time to read these tonight, but I WILL! Can’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea and read like crazy….

    Only 3 more weeks (approximately) until we get to meet! 🙂

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