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  • Today marks the 8th month of our file being logged in China. Already. Only. For Ms M’s adoption we waited only 7 months. So if it was the same this time, we would be getting ready to travel and preparing the room for mei mei or di di. Sigh!
  • Today is also our first cold day in a long time, it’s about 8 celcius tonight and I’m feeling so cold. I made my first veggies soup for dinner.

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  • Julian (Alex’s little brother) arrived yesterday from France. He’s staying with us this weekend, leaving for Chicago on Monday until Friday and then staying for another 10 days. We’ll all go to Montréal the last weekend of September to spend time with friends and for him to take his flight back to France. Ms M is so happy her Godfather is here. She follows him everywhere.
  • I had an awful night, didn’t sleep at all. Someone bumped in our car yesterday evening and now my neck hurts. I couldn’t fall asleep and when finally I though I would (around 1:30-2 am) Ms M woke up as she couldn’t breath anymore because of a really bad cold. Her whole little body was shivering. After medications and cuddling she finally felt asleep again but at that point it was over for me. Was tough concentrating at Mandarin class today and even tougher going grocery shopping. I’ve put off ironing and cleaning to tomorrow, tonight it only me and my bed.
  • Ms M is doing great at school. She still has a few tears in the morning (not every morning) but it never lasts long. All the teachers and assistants say she is active, friendly and loves to learn. She sings a new song almost every day and brings me back tons of arts and crafts pieces.
  • Beginning at work was slow but now it’s picking up. I am organizing my visit to the City (Toronto) where I have to go for training last week of September. It’s my 1st « business trip » for more than 1 day and I am very happy to see all my coworkers after 10 months. It’s strange to think I still work with them but without seeing them everyday. I love the fact that I am at home and available if anything happens at school or else. Good timing , the training is the same week Alex took days off to be with his brother, so I don’t worry about Ms M (I know I will miss them but I won’t worry). I am excited because we are going to have a girls night with my girlfriends like we used to…
  • Also, busy with the organization’s of Thanksgiving weekend coming beginning of October. Like every year we are renting a cottage with our Frenchie friends since our families are all so far away. There will be kids all over the place and running in the woods, good food and drinks, nice walks and trips on the lake. FUN! It will also be my birthday!
  • After that busy but still relaxing weekend we’ll have a great week ahead because Janet and Co are visiting the Capital City. It will be fun to meet a new bloggy friend and her family. Can’t wait!
  • To finish: we received wonderful news! Our very good friends in France got a call from their agency that they were matched with a little boy in Vietnam. They are leaving in October to meet with him and they asked me to be his Godmother…We are very close even though we live so far apart but sharing the wonderful experience of adoption brings us even closer.
  1. Happy eight months! I hope you don’t have to wait toooo much longer. I can’t believe you only had to wait 7 months for Maelle. Sigh. You sound like you are going to be BUSY in the next little while!

  2. Happy 8! Hope everyone feels better soon.

    N.B. if you are in Mtl, let me know.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Bravo pour toutes ces nouvelles!!
    – les 8 mois achevés
    – la reprise du boulot
    – la rentrée d’école
    – la nomination de marraine!!

    la fête de thankgiving n’est pas fêtée chez nous… mais un week-end avec des amis c’est extra!!
    bonne semaine Juliette

  4. Happy 8 months. Our LID dates must be very close. This is a hard wait. When we adopted our other two from Kazakhstan we had no wait beginning to end it was 5 months. So this wait is strange but we are in it for the long haul. I don’t even think about the baby’s room yet..well maybe I do alot but I can’t start it yet. lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. I have never mentioned it, but Maelle is the beautiful name I have heard. We threw around the name Maeve. But FM couldn’t remember if it was to be spelled ae or ea and he figures he would screw up some important form at some point.

    Now back to your post. 8 seems so long and yet so distant. We too only waited 7 months for the twins. If I say that out loud now, I get a shot in the head and a bunch of ‘grrr’ s from the crowd. At the time I thought my head would explode!
    So you are coming down to the city you say? End of September? Fancy a drink at the crazyhouse here?
    Send me a message off line if you do at :
    searchanddestroytwins (a) gmail.com

    We don’t bite (hard) :O)

    I am fascinated with your story. It would mean so much more if I heard it live with some vino. S’il vous plait!

  6. Bonjour!
    Congratulations on your 8 month LIDiversary! How exciting that you will be going on a business trip.
    I’m sorry that your daughter isn’t feeling well. It’s so hard when their nose is stuffy and they can’t sleep at night.
    I love hearing from you. It is like having a penpal who speaks another language.


  7. Une nouvelle tentative pour laisser un message (au bureau, ça va peut-être fonctionner car à la maison je n’y arrive pas)…

    Votre fille est magnifique et je vous souhaite que la route vers votre 2e enfant soit la plus courte possible!
    Heureusement, vous avez l’air fort bien occupés!

    Bonne journée!
    vicky (en attente de Charlie)

  8. Le 8 est à l’honneur chez vous!! 😉

    Déjà 8 mois de fait pour rejoindre votre 2ème petit bout : ça représente un sacré bout de chemin!

    Avec des journées aussi bien occupées, vous n’allez pas voir le temps passé!

    Bonne fin de semaine!

  9. Well, 8 is a good number. * Eight months you never have to re-wait again * They’re alllll behind you. That’s like… 240 days…

    Seriously, I hope the « winds of change » start blowing through the CCAA so everyone can get some closure. Lots of unhappy bloggers out there, and I don’t blame them! We went SN adoption both times, so I can’t imagine waiting so long. We were 9 mos the first time and 8 mos this time, start to finish — but of course, our kids both have heart conditions, so I’m not trying to push SN adoption on everyone out there!

    Wishing you peace in the wait.

  10. Happy 8 months for you too. Yeah us. Hopefully not too long now. We will see. Your daughter Maelle is so cute eating her worm ice cream. My daughter Athena watched it with me and we giggled. So fun.

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