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I love Fall. Especially October. That’s the month of my Birthday, our Anniversary, Thanksgiving in Canada, the air getting cooler but still bearable for me, the light so beautiful surrounding everything but not too bright and the show of the leaves on the trees… Last year we were getting ready to move, selling the house, new job for Alex…this year’s Fall was and still is a lot more than I was expecting! It has been crazy busy in the past weeks. But compare to last year, a « good » busy.

  • I am back to work full speed: New and not so new customers, new campaigns, a full week of training in Toronto seeing my colleagues and learning my new role. Setting up my office at home. Finding a new balance between work and the rest. I am getting in a new routine and so far it’s all good.
  • We had the visit of Julian for 2 weeks (minus some days for him in Chicago): it was nice for Ms M to enjoy her God father and for Alex his brother.
  • We survived Thanksgiving weekend: we were 17 people at home for 3 days. With a 1 day notice of our cottage rental cancelled (the owner died the day before…), we decided to welcome the whole gang to our place: 9 kids from 10 months to 12 years old and 8 adults . Add a crappy weather almost all weekend. But we did it and had a lot of fun (Nature Museum, Wii games, nice walk in the Parc de la Gatineau to get the kids tired, movies, and any kind of delicious food with beers, coolers, wines and champagne! Maybe some water too.) Alex has edited a lot of pictures and 2 videos of that great weekend.
  • We are super duper excited with our friends Nikko and Flotty flying very soon (in 4 days) to meet with their son in Vietnam.
  • I met 4 amazing women from the Chinese adoption community in less than 2 weeks!
  1. First Senja for a nice chatty evening sharing experiences and points of view with the help of some wine and cheese: thanks so much for opening your door and a very agreable and interesting talk.
  2. Later Doris with Dan for a nice afternoon chatting around a coffee and some shopping in a mall. Thanks guys for the presents for Ms M, the sticker book is almost finished! and I love my girl with her cute barrettes – Doris’s own!
  3. Janet (and her treasures) was visiting Ottawa following her sister wedding. It was nice to see the whole family and Ms M had a lot of fun. Thanks so much for coming over for a lovely evening and thanks for the books and puzzle. While Janet was here we also met with Patti. It was good to see her again. Thanks Madame for the Birthday gift for me and for spoiling Ms M! Pictures coming soon…
  4. And to end these 2 weeks of Bloggy meetings I met this afternoon with Sam who was coming to Ottawa and willing to meet readers of her blog. We spent 2 hours chatting and discovering each other. I think Ms M was very happy to share her album and her books, and her toys…lol Thanks for a nice afternoon.

We’ve been so blessed to meet such nice people and to expand our circle of friends.

Now I am happy to have tons of good memories, new friends and nice pictures of the beautiful leaves but I am also happy to have some times ahead to prepare my garden for winter, clean-up all these closets full of stuffs we don’t need any more and get ready for our Anniversary, Halloween, our 3 years as a Family, Ms M’s birthday, Christmas and sadly, winter. (Good thing to make it go faster, we’ve just booked one week in March there, Yeeepiii! China is so far away – 9 months waiting tomorrow and maybe 3 times that same wait before we go back, better use the time and money for some nice vacations before).


To finish, Ms M is still enjoying school very much. She has stopped crying when we drop her. This week was off so she went to the daycare of the school where she also stays every afternoon after 3:30pm and she had a blast. They did tons of craft projects and she learnt so many new songs she never stops singing: she sings in the car (video), on our walk home from school, in her bath, at table, EVERYWHERE! She is very interested by letters and wants to follow with her fingers when we read to her. We can see how much she has learnt and evolved in a little more than a month, it is incredible. It’s not always good (seems some bad behaviours from friends are copied too) but almost. The first evaluation was good and the notes from the teacher and the assistants are always nice. Only thing is that she’s so tired when she comes back that she sometimes fall asleep before dinner and it is usually very though after that (when we have to wake her up to eat and at bedtime when she is jumping everywhere).

Ok that’s it for now, need to do some catching up on Ugly Betty, CSI and others waiting for me on the PVR…and my big pile of books I haven’t touched yet. And my Bloglines feeds getting bigger and bigger. And my Gym. And my cooking. And my cleaning. And ironing. Oh and my daughter and my husband!

  1. You are ONE busy lady, aren’t you? 🙂

    We had such a great time at your house- you guys are great hosts! And Neil is on our case to buy him « Happy Feet » now….:-)

    I love autumn too- it’s so beautiful and crisp. If only Winter didn’t follow…..:-)

    Congrats on Maelle doing so great in school!!!!!!!! Go MAELLE!!!!

  2. Thank you for a lovely two hours. Meeting other people also involved in this adventure has been one of the true gifts of our experience to date. Maelle is a sweetheart – what an amazing smile and a great muffin-maker.

  3. Busy lady! I had the best time meeting you and your gang. Def. have to get together soon. Ottawa – Montreal is not far at all.

    When is your b-day? Happy 9 and I am totally jealous of your upcoming trip!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Wow, you are very busy! Fall is my favorite time of year, if only Florida would hurry up and start. High of 89 tomorrow, so much for the « in the 70’s this week » prediction from last week!

  5. Je suis en retard non? Desole.

    It was great meeting you and hopefully we can arrange an Ottawa trip on the canal this winter and pop by.

    I’ll pack my flannels in layers.

    Good luck at work.
    Le smooch to beautiful Maelle.


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