Photo batch update: September till mid October.

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Early Septembre, we attended Shira’s birthday party, Ms M’s good friend.

End of September, we had a visit from Julian, Alex’s brother. It was his second stay on this side of the big pond, and the first member of Alex’s family to visit our new home in Ottawa:

Early October, we hosted many friends at home for Thanksgiving, and we went for a visit of the Ottawa Nature museum and a walk in the Gatineau Park forest to see the beautiful colours of Autumn.

  1. Fun times! You even got to meet new friends in person!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Coucou Juliette!!
    je comprends que tu n’aies pas eu le temps de mettre à jour avant : wow quel emploi du temps!! les photos sont superbes!! et Maëlle toujours aussi belle ;o) (j’adore la photo de vous trois!!)
    gros bisous

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