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In addition to our Digital SLR camera (Canon EOS Digital Rebel) used for taking beautiful pictures, we like to have a small camera, easy to use and drop in a pocket when we’re off for a quick walk.

A previous experience shown us the interest of using such camera to also capture small videos, and how easy it is today to upload them on Youtube and share them here, somehow like a moving picture (hey, this is just like in Harry Potter 🙂 ).

Then I saw the Canon TX1 in a store, and I almost purchased it right away! I just came back home to check some reviews of the device on line and to compare prices (I saved $50 in a price match!).

canon TX1

The picture quality and the High Definition video (HD – 1280×720, the same size as our TV screen) are great for a camera of this category. It is also very small and easy to use yet powerful.

You hold the device vertically as in the picture above, like a video camera, but it really is a still picture camera too. We love the little screen quality, as well as the fact it turns in every directions.

I added to the package a pouch, a spare battery and a 4Gb SD card for taking tons of pictures and videos (HC = High Capacity).

I then realized that my card reader (used to spare the battery life when transfering pictures to the computer) wouldn’t read this new card! I therefore had to purchase a new cheap SD card reader which is compatible with the « HC » cards, and everything is fine now.

The videos of Ms M singing in the car and in the puddle where taken with this new camera, but their size on Youtube is about 16 times smaller than their original size on the device!

  1. Our video camera is dead, but I’m asking for one for Christmas….:-)

  2. Awesome buy!!

    Keep smilin!

  3. That’s a cool camera. I don’t take very much video, but I do take a lot of pictures.
    Thank you for your e-mail the other day. I hope that everything is going well with you and your family.
    : )

  4. What a fun new toy! 🙂

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