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Being far away from our French family and friends, we want to be able to easily call them in France, and for a reasonable cost.

After trying some local phone offerings more or less adapted to our needs, and tired of paying obscure « system access fees » and other hidden costs, I decided to try Skype: there is no subscription, no hidden costs, you pay as you use it and you make a better usage of your already paid high speed internet service. Moreover, the cost per minutes are much cheaper (at least 2 times cheaper) than any other offering out there.

At first, we simply used the computer, with the drawbacks involved (such as not being able to talk on the phone wherever we want in the house, something we quickly got used to 10 years ago with our first wireless phone). Then, I found a small box, which allowed us to use our regular phone with Skype, but still required the computer to be on for running Skype and was a bit cumbersome to use.

Finally, I found a wireless phone with a router (Philips VOIP 841), which can be used both as a regular wireless phone and has Skype installed on it, thus let us call with Skype (in and outbound calls) without using a computer at all. The router is simply connected to the home network and thus Internet, and a web page is used to configure the system (especially the Skype account).


Since then, we only use our regular home phone for local calls or be called, and all our international calls are made on this device with Skype.

I like the design, how simple it is to use it (basically, once configured with your Skype account, it just work and you forget about it), and the sound quality is good. what else could we ask for?!

  1. Quel geek cet Alex!!!
    Et ca existe en France??

  2. Oui : 149 € sur la boutique Skype (avec 2 heures de com gratuite)

  3. SOunds good to me! You people are waaaay too advanced for me. 🙂

  4. Whatever « pdr 1962 » said. Is « geek » universal?

    Do you have to put on makeup and brush your hair and change out of your grandma’s pajamas to talk on Skype now? I’ll make sure we NEVER get one.
    I might just find myself on Youtube by accident 🙂

  5. LOL Crazylady 🙂

    1 – Yes, « geek » is now an universal word
    2 – No, you don’t need make up, as this device is just a plain phone and doesn’t do video. It uses internet instead of a regular phone operator, and is therefore much cheaper to use 🙂 Bottom line, there is no risk to see yourself on Youtube with this, but if you really want to, we can help!

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