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WordPress is the software we use to manage this blog. I updated it to the just released 2.5 version. There is no apparent changes for our readers (which is good as it means they didn’t break any features), but the administration side (where we write the posts, manage the comments (so far, there has been 7953 spammed comments caught since the begining of the blog), the users, the look and extra features of the blog) changed a lot, for the better. We will likely use some of the new features of this version in a near future, such as the embedded picture galleries in a post.

  1. Nope, no changes as far as I can see…..well, there was that one « compromising » picture of you and Juliette…..but you took that down….;-)

  2. Coucou Juliette, tu viens d’être taggée, et il faut que tu ailles sur mon blog pour savoir la suite ha, ha.
    A bientôt

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