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[Update on July 16th, 2007] Comments for unregistered used are now allowed but are moderated (I need to approve each of these comments before they are published), unlike comments posted by logged in users (see procedure bellow) which are published immediately.[/Update]

Everyone can leave a comment on the posts or in the guestbook. In order to avoid spam, you just need to follow these steps:
– submit your first comment and we’ll publish it
– any further comment will automatically be published.

  • Create your account on this blog by following the “register” link:
    • In « identifiant », type the user name you want to use on this blog.
    • In « e-mail », type your email address, and click on the « register » button


    • The site will send you a password to the email you just typed.

    email with password

    • Use the connection link to connect to the blog: type the user name and password you just received by email, and click on « connexion ».
    • In the next page, you can modify the password (and use one that you can easily remember) and some of your personal information if you wish to. Save this with a click on “Mettre a jour le profil”.
    • Now you can get back on the main blog as your newly created user with the « View Site » link on the top right corner of the page, or just by using a link to our blog.
  • Write and submit your first comment on a post: we will automatically receive an email, and we’ll approve and publish this first comment manually.
  • Once your first comment has been manually approved, every new comment you submit with your user name will automatically be published without further steps from our side.

I also invite you to visit our photo gallery: there are currently almost 4000 pictures (as of June 2007), and you can discover them either by:

using the left sidebar and browse through our categories

using the calendar in the menu on the top of the page, and browse by dates

using, in the same menu, the link to a map where you’ll see markers on a map for some of our pictures, you can then browse pictures by location (the geo tagging information is not yet completed).

Enjoy your visit, and leave us a comment 🙂

  1. Lovely blog….I have never seen this type before. Thanks for stopping by mine! 😉

  2. C’est un très beau blog que vous avez là!! j’aimerais juste que tu me dise … lorsque je met un identifiant il dit que c’est incorrect… je ne comprend pas pourrais tu m’expliquer Alex?

    PS: je ne pense pas indispensable de publier cet article mais je ne savais pas ou écrire ce message!

  3. Waoh ce restau !

    Merci encore à vous trois pour cette belle occasion de rencontrer des amis vraiment sympathiques. A bientôt

  4. Salut les Pierre !
    Nous espérons que vous avez bien récupéré du décalage horaire et que la rentrée se passe(ra) bien.
    J’ai fait livrer un deuxième catalogue d’outils, après je me suis calmé.

    A bientôt

    Chey’n + la famille

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