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Back to this blog for a trip back to China!

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One final day to pack and we are off the China. Since Facebook might not work well all the time, we invite you to come follow our adventures on our blog. See you then!

3 years together!

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3 years ago in Xinjiang we met you for the first time!

It was the day our family became a family of 4, the day I had a son and the day Ms M became a jiejie.

It was also the day you met new people, new languages, new cultures, so different from what you knew.

I hope despite everything you lost, you earned something as much as we did!

We love you!

sushi boy





1/2 of your life…

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Mr E,

As of today, you’ve spent half of your life with us, many more years are to come!



We are so happy you are part of our lives!

We take this opportunity to wish you all a nice and happy year of the snake!

新年快乐 !



7 years with you!

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Today we’ve celebrated 7 years of hapiness with the most amazing little girl.

We love your kindness with your friends, your patience with your brother, your talent and graciousness on the piano and at ballet, your smile and your enthusiasm, your little notes and presents that you give us so often, your intelligence and your hard work, your love of books and of music, your curiosity and joie de vivre, your beauty, your native country and language, your first family and all that makes you you!

In fact, all of you is a treasure that we cherish every single day.

We love you my love!

1 year ago…

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we met you in Xinjiang and our lives have changed like we could have never imagined.

We hope yours has changed for the best and we want to tell you we’re trying everything we can to make it work.

We love your smiles and your laughs which are many and often, we love that you are so affectionate, we love that you are full of life and energy, we love when you count to five and say nine instead and when you say toggoban instead of toboggan, we love when each time you see a plane you still cry feiji over and over, we even love your stubbornness and the « toad face » you make when you are upset!

We think about your Chinese parents, your foster family and your country everyday. We are so grateful that you are in our family. We love you Mr E.


6 years with you!

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Yes it’s been 6 years we kissed this sweet face for the very first time. 6 years we felt in love. 6 years you changed our lives.

Thanks Ms M to be our daughter. You have the most amazing smiles and contagious laughs. You are so affectionate and sensitive. You are full of life and spirit. And now a great big sister!

Thanks to China to trust us and place you in our hands.

Thanks also to your first parents who gave so much but have nothing in return. They are in our thoughts. Always.

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5 years as a family

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Today is a very special day for us 3: a sad day because 5 years ago you lost part of your identity and your story, and at the same time, a happy day because you found new parents after more than 8 months in a foster family and we found a daughter.


These past 5 years went really fast, so fast, too fast.

You are a wonderful little girl Miss M and we could not be prouder of you. You are our ray of sunshine and I love when we sing together  « you are my sunshine, my only sunshine… ».

Know that if I am the happiest Mom, China is in my heart every day as well as your first parents.

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Je suis sûre qu’ils pensent à toi aujourd’hui autant que je pense à eux.
I am sure they think about you today as much as I think about them.

2 ans d’attente/ 2 years waiting


For you my love

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Time flies so fast. Too fast… 4 years together.

Today we celebrate the beginning of our life together , the beginning of our adventure, the beginning of our love story with you. I forgot how was life before you.I can’t imagine my life without you.

Today as everyday I have a thought for your other parents who think about you, there, in China.

We love you my love!

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2006 (seems that with of the move to prepare, the house to sell, the difficulties leaving appart and all the changes, daddy forgot to mention the anniversary in this post).