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GPS, etc…

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I didn’t talk about my favorite gadgets for a while, but this doesn’t mean I didn’t get some new ones, each better than the others:

iPod Touch: Where iPod becomes an agenda, web browser, weather forecast, video player, alarm clock, portable game station and so on… In less time than you’d imagine, everyone will carry something like the iPod Touch (or an iPhone)… remember who owned a digital camera just 8 years ago!

Apple TV: where the movies patiently encoded and stored on my network shared drive can finally be viewed on the HDTV, without handling all these DVDs…

Canon EOS 40D: with which we realize we don’t know anything about photography, but who cares as all the pictures taken with this amazing camera always look nicer 🙂 By the way, did you also count who owned a digital SLR camera 4 years ago?

– And finally, a new GPS, the Garmin Nüvi 760. I can already hear: « Hey, Alex, you already own a GPS, why do you need a second one? »

The new GPS has a suction cup accessory to mount it on any vehicle, and provides a convenient and easy to read 3D view of the road, just as if we were seeing it from above the car. It’s fast to start and acquire the satellite position, as well as to calculate or re-calculate the routes. It also provides voice guides (in several languages), and contains all North America roads and points of interests. I can also use « Bluetooth » to communicate with my phone and use the GPS as a hands free device to securely place and receive calls. The screen is wide and bright, and the batteries are charged with the car power plug.

Also, being a Garmin, the maps updates works both on this new and on my older device.

The first GPS is still best for biking, hiking (and Geocaching), plane or boat (it’s waterproof and floats), and will then carry the topographical maps. It also boasts an altimeter the new one doesn’t provide.

Moreover, its a recent law in Ontario (and I think/hope in many other places around the world): cell phones and handheld GPS are banned in cars, unless using a hand free device and mounted. My first GPS would therefore be forbidden in a car if I’m driving alone… and the Costco deal was such a good one 😉