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Grade 2!

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Yesterday Ms M started grade 2. I just can’t believe it. She is growing so fast and I can see the tween years are going to come way too fast.

Here she is, my beautiful girl, ready to go yesterday morning:

Check there the posts from the previous years.

The difference this year is that her little brother wanted to go to school too and be in the pic as well. So here they are together!

She seems to love her new teacher and I liked that there were no mistakes in her first letter to the parents 🙂

On the news front:

  • Maybe you’ve seen from the pics from the previous post, we have been busy: my nephew and A’s niece came for 3 weeks in July. We did something almost everyday, museum, pool, water park, walk in the forest, play dates…the kids enjoyed each others and it wasn’t that complicated to manage all these pirates. In fact it went very well and we’d love to have them back again.
  • We have had a great summer weather, enough rain not to worry about watering the yard and enough sun and heat to enjoy pools and water parks and cold drinks and evening bike rides at the sunset. The backyard has given us a lot of lettuces and now we are enjoying red peppers, eggplants and tomatoes…lots of tomatoes!
  • Ms M went 2 weeks in camp including a Chinese one and it was really great! There was a show done by the kids at the end of the week. The Korean classes also participated. It was really interesting and the kids in their costumes were beautiful. I wished I could have taken pics but with my 3 years old wanting to participate it was impossible. Anyway I hope Ms M will go back next year for at least 2 weeks because she seems to get a lot from it. And she will see again some of the friends at Chinese school on Saturdays. If you want to learn the song we are singing since she did it at the show check it here: It is about the white dragon horse from the Journey to the West which is based on Chinese mythology.
  • We went to Toronto for a weekend and were able to see a lot of our friends and introduce Mr E. It was great. We also went to Montréal and saw more friends and my cousin that I had not seen for more than 10 years!! She is coming in a few weeks over here too. A’s parents are planning to come in November to meet with E and my parents and my little sister will spend Christmas with us here before I finish my parental leave. We are very happy!

I am sick so you won’t get more. That’s it for now. We’ll be back soon in the routine with Piano, Ballet, Swimming lessons etc… so yes, it will be busy like usual.


Back to school!

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Yes, it’s this time of the year again, already: Ms M started Grade 1 today. She was very excited to show her new backpack and lunch box! Hopefully she’ll be excited to learn too!!!

Here she is, ready to go this morning:


Go there to look at the pictures from the previous years.

Edit: no don’t worry the bag is big but super light, only a tissue box and a lunch.

She had a good day (except for the gum some stupid kid put in her hair argg!!!!!!!) and was glad to find a lot of friends from last year and some new faces. Her new teacher seems to be very professional and active in the school. The only issue I have is that like almost everyone in the school (previous teachers and administrative people) Mrs S had already done 3 or 4 spelling and/or grammar mistakes on her first note to the parents. We know French from Ontario and from France are different but still, the grammar rules and how to conjugate a verb should be the same! And I was not the best student in « dictée » and French classes.

Ok: we have been really bad bloggers. We’ve been busy and not very motivated, that’s all. So here are some quick bullets:

  • We all got sick for a month after Disney in May. One after the other and back. You gotta love the AC full blast after the pouring rain!
  • My parents came for 3 wonderful weeks mid July. Ms M enjoyed every minutes of their stay and I think they did too. A and I were working, so, sadly, couldn’t bring them everywhere. We didn’t travel much but enjoyed a nice long weekend in the Prescott, ON area close to the 1000 islands and they did a bunch of museum visits with Ms M. It was relaxing and laid back. A and I took the opportunity to go out a little. We all had a great time! And we can’t wait to see them again for Christmas in France (with the rest of the families).
  • This summer’s weather has been very crappy. Rain almost every day and not a lot of warm temperatures. We didn’t even try to book a camping weekend. Of course for the first week of school we finally have a summer weather! At least it was good for the garden: we have enjoyed our rhubarb and strawberries, then our lettuces and now our baby tomatoes. And I’ve found that the Halloween pumpkin I left on the side of the compost is now starting to make flowers so we should get some for this fall! It’s yummy to be green. I think next summer we’ll try zucchinis and eggplants.
  • Speaking of green we sold the Jetta and got a little Yaris! Ms M calls it the lovers car because we usually take it when we are only 2 or 3 people compare to the Foc (we lost the U and S letters on the car) that we took when traveling with my parents. We are also looking at getting solar panels but gosh it’s expensive to be green. I think we’ll have to do more planning and budgeting.
  • Yesterday we became free of our TV cable: I wanted to add HBO but you needed to add $17 plus they sent us letters saying we needed to renew our commitment for 2 years if we wanted a discount and also by the way we have to increase the rates blablabla…so tired of it we decided to cancel it. We will save more than $1oo per month and if we want to watch something we’ll just buy it on I*tunes or rent it. I will miss the HD programs like Disc*overy but since you cannot pay only for what you want and have to get a full package when you need only one channel from it we said bye! They will enjoy their quasi monopole without us.
  • Oh and A finally found out that someone (or something) had hidden links to their nasty website on our blog which was why some of you would receive a warning when visiting our blog. It should be all good now but it took him a lot of time and searches to resolve it. So many nasty people out there! So thanks if you are still visiting.

Ok, I think that’s about it. You don’t want to know everything anyway. Take care!