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6 years old!

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4mois?We received some new pictures of you as a baby yesterday, what a wonderful present, you were so sweet!

And today you turned 6 years old! I was so glad this morning at church when you asked me to carry you in my arms for a long time, it reminded me you are still my baby 🙂

Happy Birthday Mr E!


Happy Birthday!

A mon homme préféré

Best Daddy ever!

Je t’aime

4 years old!

Bon Anniversaire to my wonderful Man!

Joyeux Anniversaire Ms M!

My baby girl is turning 7 today and she is still and forever the apple of my eyes!

Nous avons comme toujours une pensée spéciale pour ses premiers parents qui ne peuvent célébrer ce jour avec elle. Vous êtes toujours dans nos coeurs.

Happy birthday, J.!

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Happy birthday my love, beloved wife and amazing mother…


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Our little man is 3 years old today!

It’s been only 2 months and half we are together and we already have this big milestone to celebrate…

Little Mister E is everything we had wished for and even more. He has a very strong personality and willing. Always wants to do everything by himself. He has learnt a lot of French words and can already speak small sentences. He still calls himself Ge Ge and like to have the last word (like his sister :-)). He starts to love reading books with us now, and more often asks for colouring. He still loves to dance with his sister. He is now able to play a little by himself with a truck or a doll. He still loves to dress up and to sing. His favourites are ABC and Old MacDonald.

Mr. E still loves eating a lot and almost anything and by himself. He is now almost 14 kg and 93 cm. So he is between 25 and 50 % for both which is very good. We can see how well taken care of he was… He sleeps well as well and still has a 2 hours nap almost every day. He is almost fully potty trained. He is getting better with his bicycle, still a little « lazy » to push for the wheels to move. He likes to try to use scissors and doing a mess of small paper everywhere.

E is very affectionate (when he wants) and likes to hug with us and kiss us. He loves to be held in the arms so it is good for attachment. We usually have a pretty good eye contact outside the « troubled » times when we have to go to time in or when he knows he did something wrong.  He is very mischievous and knows exactly when he is doing something he is not supposed to. But most of the time he is just a fun little boy who has an infectious laugh and likes tickles and doing funny faces.

It has been a wild ride but it is getting better every day. We all are adjusting well and feel more and more like a family of 4.

We hope your first family could know how well you’re doing. Because you are such a delight and a joy to be with and we are oh so glad and thankful to be with you.

Happy Birthday little man!

Happy Birthday mon amour!

I love you!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Ms M!

Our little sunshine is turning 6 today!


Happy Birthday, Joyeux Anniversaire!

You will always be my Baby.

This beautiful piece was realized my my dear friend Maia.

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!