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Back to school!

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Yes, it’s this time of the year again, already: Ms M started Grade 1 today. She was very excited to show her new backpack and lunch box! Hopefully she’ll be excited to learn too!!!

Here she is, ready to go this morning:


Go there to look at the pictures from the previous years.

Edit: no don’t worry the bag is big but super light, only a tissue box and a lunch.

She had a good day (except for the gum some stupid kid put in her hair argg!!!!!!!) and was glad to find a lot of friends from last year and some new faces. Her new teacher seems to be very professional and active in the school. The only issue I have is that like almost everyone in the school (previous teachers and administrative people) Mrs S had already done 3 or 4 spelling and/or grammar mistakes on her first note to the parents. We know French from Ontario and from France are different but still, the grammar rules and how to conjugate a verb should be the same! And I was not the best student in « dictée » and French classes.

Ok: we have been really bad bloggers. We’ve been busy and not very motivated, that’s all. So here are some quick bullets:

  • We all got sick for a month after Disney in May. One after the other and back. You gotta love the AC full blast after the pouring rain!
  • My parents came for 3 wonderful weeks mid July. Ms M enjoyed every minutes of their stay and I think they did too. A and I were working, so, sadly, couldn’t bring them everywhere. We didn’t travel much but enjoyed a nice long weekend in the Prescott, ON area close to the 1000 islands and they did a bunch of museum visits with Ms M. It was relaxing and laid back. A and I took the opportunity to go out a little. We all had a great time! And we can’t wait to see them again for Christmas in France (with the rest of the families).
  • This summer’s weather has been very crappy. Rain almost every day and not a lot of warm temperatures. We didn’t even try to book a camping weekend. Of course for the first week of school we finally have a summer weather! At least it was good for the garden: we have enjoyed our rhubarb and strawberries, then our lettuces and now our baby tomatoes. And I’ve found that the Halloween pumpkin I left on the side of the compost is now starting to make flowers so we should get some for this fall! It’s yummy to be green. I think next summer we’ll try zucchinis and eggplants.
  • Speaking of green we sold the Jetta and got a little Yaris! Ms M calls it the lovers car because we usually take it when we are only 2 or 3 people compare to the Foc (we lost the U and S letters on the car) that we took when traveling with my parents. We are also looking at getting solar panels but gosh it’s expensive to be green. I think we’ll have to do more planning and budgeting.
  • Yesterday we became free of our TV cable: I wanted to add HBO but you needed to add $17 plus they sent us letters saying we needed to renew our commitment for 2 years if we wanted a discount and also by the way we have to increase the rates blablabla…so tired of it we decided to cancel it. We will save more than $1oo per month and if we want to watch something we’ll just buy it on I*tunes or rent it. I will miss the HD programs like Disc*overy but since you cannot pay only for what you want and have to get a full package when you need only one channel from it we said bye! They will enjoy their quasi monopole without us.
  • Oh and A finally found out that someone (or something) had hidden links to their nasty website on our blog which was why some of you would receive a warning when visiting our blog. It should be all good now but it took him a lot of time and searches to resolve it. So many nasty people out there! So thanks if you are still visiting.

Ok, I think that’s about it. You don’t want to know everything anyway. Take care!