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Back to this blog for a trip back to China!

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One final day to pack and we are off the China. Since Facebook might not work well all the time, we invite you to come follow our adventures on our blog. See you then!

On my mind

1 year ago…

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we met you in Xinjiang and our lives have changed like we could have never imagined.

We hope yours has changed for the best and we want to tell you we’re trying everything we can to make it work.

We love your smiles and your laughs which are many and often, we love that you are so affectionate, we love that you are full of life and energy, we love when you count to five and say nine instead and when you say toggoban instead of toboggan, we love when each time you see a plane you still cry feiji over and over, we even love your stubbornness and the « toad face » you make when you are upset!

We think about your Chinese parents, your foster family and your country everyday. We are so grateful that you are in our family. We love you Mr E.


6 years with you!

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Yes it’s been 6 years we kissed this sweet face for the very first time. 6 years we felt in love. 6 years you changed our lives.

Thanks Ms M to be our daughter. You have the most amazing smiles and contagious laughs. You are so affectionate and sensitive. You are full of life and spirit. And now a great big sister!

Thanks to China to trust us and place you in our hands.

Thanks also to your first parents who gave so much but have nothing in return. They are in our thoughts. Always.

For last year’s post and links to the previous years.

Summer Palace

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Not much to say today: the admin part is completed, so we just need to wait for the papers to come back before we can take off back home. In the meantime, we’re visiting, and today was the Summer Palace for daddy, while mommy and the kids were resting in the room.


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We are now in Beijing with the rest of the group. 22 families! We arrived on Friday evening and settled into our room. Saturday we did some paperworks for immigration and we went to the Zoo. I think the animals think the zoo was in front of them… just crazy how the people can be.

Today was the Jade factory, the Great Wall, the Cloisonnés factory…a Sunday…I have to say I kind of miss our 2 previous weeks because even thought we could feel China is very populated I think this week here will overwhelm us. 5 years ago we came in November and it didn’t seemed to be that crowded.

We had a wonderful week in Xinjiang despite the very controlled environment. It is a beautiful province, full of mountains and desert areas. The people are beautiful too and the pilaf rice, lamb kebab and flat bread helped us too quickly catch the weight we lost last week 🙂 I hope we’ll be able to see more when we go back, one day…

Our little pirate is adopting us slowly, and we are all adjusting to a life as a family of 4. Little Mr E is very strong willing and testing us of course, but most of the time he is a very happy little boy full of energy and eager to learn. He gives us kisses already and can go to both Mama and Baba. We love him already to pieces and cannot wait to be home with him.

Sorry it is so short, we are pretty tired and at night our brains go blind…More when we are back home for sure.

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A long day

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Yesterday, we visited a typical town where some minority people are living. We walked in a 1000 years old pedestrian street full of locally made crafts of all kind for sale. The way back to the hotel was long: instead of taking the same highway, we were told to use a shortcut across the mountain, and reduce our trip by 1 or 1:30 hours. In fact, we got lost, and went through 3 hours of mountain drive before going back on the highway, and were quite sick… We were not in a good shape last night, but this didn’t prevent us from tasting some more incredible hospitality from our guests!

In China

Toronto Airport

The plane we took for 14 hours

Shanghaï by night

Getting ready

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Yes life is a wind-whirl right now as we try to get ready for our second amazing life trip to China.

Easter week was insane with me singing almost every day at church but amazing at the same time. And we had Easter lunch with some good friends we hadn’t seen in a while. Alex cooked for us a wonderful gigot and Ms M was so happy to look everywhere for what the bells had left (we like this tradition better than the hare or rabbit, whatever it is). The weather was sunny and warm and it really felt like a rebirth after the winter.

We are still waiting for our visas and travel authorization from China but if everything works out we should meet with our little pirate on May 10th!

We are working on our to do lists and trying to check as many boxes as possible in the little time we have left. This include but is not limited to:

  • arrangements for when we are away and for the in China trip (before heading to Urumqi we will go to Shanghai then Changsha and Ms M’s orphanage city),
  • how to fit everything for 4 people and 3 weeks in 3 bags of 20 kg maxi,
  • preparing the room for little Mr E as well as moving toys, books, finding clothes for a BOY,
  • organizing my leave from work and making the transition smooth for my customers (I am allowed to take 37 weeks of parental leave),
  • more…

Even though we did this 5 years ago it feels like we’ll never be ready!

Little Mr E’s coming is getting a little more real with the room set up and going through clothes that generous friends give us.

Mamy is sending little sticker and coloring books for the trip and my colleagues from New-Zealand who were visiting gave me a little Kiwi plush and a very nice book for him.

Wonderful Dolores sent us this beautiful and soft blanket that she did herself (as well as some hair clips for Ms M). I am planning to bring it with us! Thanks again Dolores.

Neighbours and friends are inviting us to celebrate…Look at the amazing diner we had on Sunday!

We are getting excited and people all around us as well. We cannot wait to be in China and meet with our son/brother!

We will try to post from China if possible (Urumqi had Internet and phone blocked for many months after the riots last summer).

Life is going to get even more interesting with our little man coming into our family and we are anxious and thrilled for this new adventure!

Back to China!

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Our lives are going to change oh so much! It is happening!

Ms M is going to be a big sister in 2 months if everything goes like our agency hopes.

She is so excited and we are so happy to soon meet our SON!

Di-di (little brother in mandarin) is 2 and half and lives in Xinjiang – Uygur territory in the North West of China, close to Kazakhstan.

We just can’t wait to be back in China and meet with him even if we know the transition for everybody and especially this wonderful little man is going to be a challenge.

More to come when we can…