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Back to this blog for a trip back to China!

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One final day to pack and we are off the China. Since Facebook might not work well all the time, we invite you to come follow our adventures on our blog. See you then!

Summer Palace

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Not much to say today: the admin part is completed, so we just need to wait for the papers to come back before we can take off back home. In the meantime, we’re visiting, and today was the Summer Palace for daddy, while mommy and the kids were resting in the room.

A long day

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Yesterday, we visited a typical town where some minority people are living. We walked in a 1000 years old pedestrian street full of locally made crafts of all kind for sale. The way back to the hotel was long: instead of taking the same highway, we were told to use a shortcut across the mountain, and reduce our trip by 1 or 1:30 hours. In fact, we got lost, and went through 3 hours of mountain drive before going back on the highway, and were quite sick… We were not in a good shape last night, but this didn’t prevent us from tasting some more incredible hospitality from our guests!

In China

Toronto Airport

The plane we took for 14 hours

Shanghaï by night


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A while ago, Annabaliba tagged me for this Meme but I didn’t really take the time. But it’s never too late so here we go:

1/ My principal character: sociable

2/ The main quality I like in a man: Kindness

3/ The main quality I like in a woman: humour

4/ My main flaw: indecision, I am a real Libra!

5/ My main quality : open mindness

6/ The occupation I like the most : right now it would be sipping an iced-cappuccino in my backyard reading a great book (I’ve been dreaming about it for some days now). Otherwise, just be with people I love, travelling and eating.

7/ The recipe that makes me drool over : a duck magret, fresh foie gras sauté with grappes, a cassoulet, a tartiflette, some real chocolate profiteroles and a real crème brulée… in fact all the French dishes that are not easy to do or find here.

8/ Words I like : doudou, doucette, mei mei and di di (I use them in my head even if not for real yet), amen, bravo, zut, crap, merde and f*ck (update: for the last 3, I don’t really like them but sadly I use them very often).

9/ What I really dislike: my neighbours who don’t recycle and leave their AC turned on all summer even when gone, the selfish, boor, bent, racist people …pfff the list is too long, stupid people in general! ( I had to check in my dictionary because I didn’t know all the translations of the French adjectives, sorry if some don’t make sense to you).

10/ A dream : A trip around the world with Alex and our kids (Ms M, mei mei, di di)

I might be one of the last person in bloggland to do this meme therefore I am not tagging anybody in particular but if you’ve never done it go ahead!

Everything is ok with us here, only we’ve been very busy and to be honest not really motivated to write anything, but you still get some pictures! Alex did travel a lot in the past weeks and was even able to spend a weekend in the middle of all these trips with his family in France. I went back to Toronto for work and took this opportunity again to spend some good time with my girlfriends.

Spring is finally here and we have appropriate activities like gardening and potting and Alex has started to build a deck. Ms M is a popular girl, invited every weekend to Birthday parties, she is still a good student and she asks to help us on a regular basis. She is a lovely little girl who makes us laugh a lot with her expressions (mostly French, sorry): Mon Dieu (My God!), aie aie aie, je sais faire (which means I know how to do it. She says that in an exasperated voice for us to let her try until she asks us 2 second later : how should we do that? ), barbouillage (instead of gribouillage which means scribble), à cause que (instead of parce que which means because), oopsie… and she prays every evening, asking to have a little brother or sister to give him/her a bottle and to console him/her when he/she cries.

China is even more in our thoughts because of this horrible earthquake and of all those people who lost a loved one, especially their only child in one of these schools that collapsed. Something to remind me that life is fragile and that we need to enjoy people we love and tell them so. And that I should move my ass and live fully instead of complaining that nothing is happening like I’d like it to (a real Frenchie :-)) .

Mid-July we fly back to France. We are so excited! Lots of beautiful moments to come, like Alex’s little brother’s wedding and the baptism of François my new God son and just the happiness of being with our family!

Have a great weekend! Kenavo.


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Yes, I have, still, again, always, China in my mind. Today is not so much about the child to come, maybe, one day, if this long wait finishes, but about my beautiful daughter already here with us. Today is about her country that we made her leave. Today is about the amazing people who cared for her for 10 months. Today is about her foster mom that we don’t even know by name or picture and who loved her for so many days and nights, 8 months. Today is about a woman and maybe a man, surely in a village close by, who decided that after trying for 2 months they could not do it anymore, and despite all their love, their pride, their willingness, chose to give their daughter another chance…Her chance, our happiness, our dream, our everything.


My heart and my eyes cry for China today. I feel guilty often to have this beautiful daughter kissing me every morning, when I know her Chinese Mom might be still trying to remember the last kiss she gave her before leaving her 4 years ago. These mix feelings of lost and found, sadness and happiness will always be with me.

Tonight we will light 2 candles with Ms M: one for her Chinese Mom, one for her Chinese Dad. That these little lights warm up their hearts, that they can feel she is fine, she is loved and will always be…