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10 years old already!

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Rockport_2013-2My sweety, today you are 10 years old and I can’t believe it!

It seems so much already but it is so little time for us the lucky ones who spend this time with you.

I’d like for this precious time to slow down because I know the next 10 years will fly by and soon you too will want to…

I am the luckyest Mom to have you as daughter. You are witty and happy, smart and gracious, sensitive and hard working.

I love you! Happy Birthday my love!

happy girl

1/2 of your life…

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Mr E,

As of today, you’ve spent half of your life with us, many more years are to come!



We are so happy you are part of our lives!

We take this opportunity to wish you all a nice and happy year of the snake!

新年快乐 !



7 years with you!

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Today we’ve celebrated 7 years of hapiness with the most amazing little girl.

We love your kindness with your friends, your patience with your brother, your talent and graciousness on the piano and at ballet, your smile and your enthusiasm, your little notes and presents that you give us so often, your intelligence and your hard work, your love of books and of music, your curiosity and joie de vivre, your beauty, your native country and language, your first family and all that makes you you!

In fact, all of you is a treasure that we cherish every single day.

We love you my love!

Joyeux Anniversaire Ms M!

My baby girl is turning 7 today and she is still and forever the apple of my eyes!

Nous avons comme toujours une pensée spéciale pour ses premiers parents qui ne peuvent célébrer ce jour avec elle. Vous êtes toujours dans nos coeurs.

5 years as a family

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Today is a very special day for us 3: a sad day because 5 years ago you lost part of your identity and your story, and at the same time, a happy day because you found new parents after more than 8 months in a foster family and we found a daughter.


These past 5 years went really fast, so fast, too fast.

You are a wonderful little girl Miss M and we could not be prouder of you. You are our ray of sunshine and I love when we sing together  « you are my sunshine, my only sunshine… ».

Know that if I am the happiest Mom, China is in my heart every day as well as your first parents.

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Phonetical writing

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Here is what M. wrote all by herself, without us telling anything. She loves learning how to read and write!

Ecriture M Sept 09

Ms M point of view

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Ms M takes Mommy&Daddy’s camera and has fun…

I like it very much!