6 years old!

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4mois?We received some new pictures of you as a baby yesterday, what a wonderful present, you were so sweet!

And today you turned 6 years old! I was so glad this morning at church when you asked me to carry you in my arms for a long time, it reminded me you are still my baby 🙂

Happy Birthday Mr E!


3 years together!

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3 years ago in Xinjiang we met you for the first time!

It was the day our family became a family of 4, the day I had a son and the day Ms M became a jiejie.

It was also the day you met new people, new languages, new cultures, so different from what you knew.

I hope despite everything you lost, you earned something as much as we did!

We love you!

sushi boy





Japan – final album

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Click on the image bellow to see the album in flickr:

Japan – March 2013 2

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We just added a few more pictures to our flickr album (click on the picture bellow):

Japan – March 2013 – Day 1

Tokyo  click on the picture to go to the Flickr gallery, cliquer sur la photo pour aller sur la galerie Flickr

1/2 of your life…

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Mr E,

As of today, you’ve spent half of your life with us, many more years are to come!



We are so happy you are part of our lives!

We take this opportunity to wish you all a nice and happy year of the snake!

新年快乐 !



Is there a pilot in the plane?

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Between Christmas and New Year eve, we went to visit the Ottawa Museum of Aviation. It was full of planes and our kids enjoyed it a lot!

Avion Hélice Pilotes Turbine Cocardes F18 Système de secour Avion2


Piano – Dec 2012 – M&M


[youtube width= »480″ height= »360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GArOUVky2dk[/youtube]

Back to school

Senior Kindergarden, and Grade 4!!! – Maternelle et 4ème année.