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1/2 of your life…

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Mr E,

As of today, you’ve spent half of your life with us, many more years are to come!



We are so happy you are part of our lives!

We take this opportunity to wish you all a nice and happy year of the snake!

新年快乐 !




Our best wishes for this new year!

Meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

We love to have another opportunity to wish you all the best. This year is the year of the ox (I am one!).


We started the festivities by a lot of cleaning of the house this weekend and a trip to get hair cuts for the whole family.

Yesterday we enjoyed a dinner of fresh noodles sautées with veggies and salmon and too many yummy Vietnamese pastries.

This morning Ms M got her red envelop with money and during the next 2 weeks we’ll try to follow has much as possible some of the many traditions including dinners with friends at Chinese restaurant and lions dance.

We have special thoughts during these 2 weeks for M’s roots, her first country, culture and story. We enjoy incorporating Chinese traditions in our lives and we hope she will keep them.

We think especially about her first Mama and Baba and we hope they are well.

16 pictures of the long week-end

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Chinese New Year party and visit to Montreal. Just click on the picture bellow:

Meme: by 4

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Lots of work, lots of rumbling, not a lot of time to get inspiration. So for once using pre-formated post works fine.

4 jobs I’ve had:

  1. Putting refund cheques in envelops for people who paid to much taxes
  2. Sales person at Le Printemps in Paris (luxury purses and clothes)
  3. Telemarketer for a French car builder, a credit company and a magazine
  4. Manager of a team of mens older than me

4 movies watched over and over:

  1. Out of Africa
  2. La folie des Grandeurs (famous french comedy)
  3. Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth, I know, but I can’t help it…)
  4. Les Uns et les Autres

4 places I’ve lived:

  1. La Réunion, a French Island in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar (from 6 to 10 years old)
  2. Reims, France (4 years during university)
  3. Paris, France (just after we got married in a tiny apartment, close to Chinatown)
  4. Thornhill, Ontario

4 shows I watch:

  1. Ugly Betty
  2. Lost (yesterday first episode of the new season was awesome!)
  3. Nature
  4. Dora, Diego, Pocoyo and other friends of Ms M

4 people who e-mail me regularly:

  1. Alex
  2. My parents
  3. Lulu
  4. Sharon

4 favorite things to eat:

  1. Vietnamese food
  2. French cheeses and pâtés with wine, baguette, cornichons
  3. Galette des Rois or any French pâtisserie in fact
  4. Sushis

4 places I’d rather be:

  1. In China to meet with meimei or didi
  2. On a sail boat with my family doing a trip around the world
  3. In Vietnam to discover my roots
  4. In the streets of Lima, Peru with the kiddos.

4 things I look forward to this year:

  1. Going to Grand Cayman in March (yeeepeee)
  2. Our trip back to France to see our family and friends in July
  3. Enjoying my hubby and my girl as much as I can
  4. Meeting with new people and appreciating those we already know

OK, now I get to tag 4 other people!

  1. Anybody
  2. who
  3. wants
  4. to do it.

And my 4 bullets for the weekend:

  • We are hit again by a nice storm so no restaurant tonight (the 3 of us usually go out every Friday evening for some viet, thai or japanese food).
  • Alex was away Monday and Tuesday and I was away Wednesday and yesterday so we finally have some times together!
  • Hopefully tomorrow, still Chinese lesson and some shopping for Ms M and I and Home Depot seminar « how to do your basement » for Alex. If we’re not completely buried under the snow.
  • Sunday evening we have a big early Chinese New Year diner with lots of friends. Ms M is super excited to see most of her Chinese friends. And in 2 weeks we’ll have some more fun at the adoption agency party. This is the year of the rat!


Have a great weekend everybody!